Kasper-Florio is a graphic design studio, founded by Larissa Kasper and Rosario Florio in 2013. Together with our frequent collaborators Bänziger Hug we run Jungle Books, an independent publishing imprint specializing in contemporary visual arts.

Please get in touch, if you would like to have more information: info@kasper-florio.ch, +41 (0)78 636 21 40.
Kasper-Florio, Burgstrasse 45, 9000 St.Gallen, Switzerland

Website programming:
Olivier Hug (Bänziger Hug)



Fat Magazine, Issue C, 2013
Glory Glory, 2013
Library Paper, Issue 3, London, 2013
100 for 100, The Coca-Cola
Company, 2014
No Fly Posters, 2014
A Design Film Festival, 2014
Soirée Graphique, 2015
Weltformat 15, 2015
Territorio, 2015
BRICK Magazine, 2016
IDEA No. 389, 2020

Swiss Design Awards, Basel, 2013
Serebro nabora, Moscow, 2013
Swiss Graphic Design, Seoul, 2014
Swiss Design Awards, Basel, 2014
Weltformat 15, Frische Tourismusplakate, Lucerne, 2015
Soirée Graphique, Berne, 2015
aabbc, Munich, 2016
Swiss Style Now, New York, 2016
International Poster Competition, Chaumont, 2017
Weltformat 17, Luzern, 2017
Swiss Design Awards, Basel, 2019

Nominations and Awards:
Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2013 (A-Typical Plan)
New Visual Artist 2013 by Print Magazine
Swiss Design Awards 2013, (nominated)
Swiss Design Awards 2014, (nominated)
Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2016 (Zeit Raum Kultur)
Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2017 (The Good Life)
Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2017 (Vierzig Jahre Gegenwart)
Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2018 (Verde)
Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2018 (For a Fish Tank or a Parking Lot)
Most Beautiful German Books 2019 (Labics – Structures)
Swiss Design Awards 2019, (nominated)
Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2019 (From… To…)
Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2019 (Fenstermalerei)
Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2020 (Paradoxical Creatures)
Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2020 (GIGER SORAYAMA)
DAM Architectural Book Award 2021 (Elemente einer baukulturellen Allgemeinbildung)
Most Beautiful German Books 2022 (Babyn Yar – Past, Present, Future)

Teaching, Lecturing and Jurying:
ZHdK, Zurich (ongoing)
School of the Arts, St.Gallen (ongoing)
Typo St.Gallen, 2013
AGI Open, Biel, 2015
AIAP, Milan, 2016
unibz, Bolzano, 2017
HTWG, kd-lounge, Konstanz, 2017
HKB, Typoclub, Bern, 2017
ADG-FAD Laus Jury, Barcelona, 2017
Easy Lessoning, New York, 2018
Josef Müller-Brockmann Preis, Zurich, 2019

Featured in:
Black & White, victionary, 2012
form, Nº 253, 2014
Fully Booked, Gestalten, 2013
Geo/Graphics, victionary, 2012
LosLogos 6, Gestalten Verlag, 2012
Poster Graphics, BNN, 2013
Print Magazine, The New Visual
Artists Issue, 2013
Slanted 23, Swiss Issue, 2014
Type Only, Unit Editions, 2013
Type Plus, Unit Editions, 2014
This Is Paper, 2015
Eloquence, 2015
Thisispaper, 2016
Shoplifters, Issue Three, 2016

Bracket Vol. 05, 2013
Buchlabor, Institut für Buchforschung
der Fachhochschule Dortmund, 2013
form, Nº 253, 2014
Print Magazine, The New Visual Artists Issue, 2013
Slanted 23, Swiss Issue, 2014

Selected clients:
A Design Film Festival, Singapore
Abbruchhaus Records, St.Gallen
Amt für Kultur, St.Gallen
Architektur Forum Ostschweiz
Batliner (Made In Europe), Wien
Bibliothek Hauptpost, St.Gallen
Bundesamt für Kultur BAK, Bern
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
ETH Zürich
GSD Harvard, Cambridge
Helmhaus Zürich
Hearst Magazines, New York City
Kaleidoscope Magazine, Milan
Kulturstiftung des Kantons Thurgau
Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen
Kunstverein St.Gallen
Kunstmuseum St.Gallen
Nike, Portland
North East, Tokyo
Park Books, Zürich
Reframe Records, St.Gallen
Roma Contemporary, Rome
Saiten Ostschweizer Kulturmagazin, St.Gallen
Scheidegger & Spiess, Zürich
Stickerei Bar Restaurant, St.Gallen
TGIFW, St.Gallen/Nepal
Triest Verlag, St.Gallen
University of St.Gallen
Uniqlo U, Paris
Zeughaus Teufen